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                        About us 

                        ZheJiang LeFei Textile Co.,Ltd. enjoys good location for we are located in China Light textile city (the biggest textile distribution place of Asia) in Shaoxing city; moreover, we take only 25 minutes' car ride to Xiaoshan international airport only.

                        Our head office was founded in 1990. Situated in Guangzhou international light textile city, our parent company is a specialized researcher, developer and trader of knitting fabrics. At present, it can produce several kinds of knitting products such as knitting dyed cloths, knitting Printing cloths and knitting craft cloths and so on. Located at Zhangcha Town (a famous knitting town of China) of Foshan city, the production base of our parent company is equipped with more than 1,000 sets of weft-knitting machines from Germany, Japan and Taiwan; it has the ability to produce over 300 tons of greige cloths daily. Cooperating with several printing & dyeing factories (as strategic partners), we are able to dye over 300 tons of knitting dyed cloths per day.

                        We have founded our own knitting factory and printing & dyeing factory in Keqiao. Taking the advantages of our parent company on resources and technologies, we mainly produce: rayon single jersey, rayon stretch fabrics; card/comb pure cotton single jersey, pure cotton stretch fabrics; bamboo fiber; Tencel; Roma fabric, burnt-out fabric; knitted jean; CVC, T/C; T/R single jersey and stretch fabrics; modal; imitation rabbit hair; knitted linen, knitted ramie; T-shirt fabric, computerized Jacquard cloth; knit printed cloth; large looped fabric, small looped fabric; casual sports fabrics; Men/lady's fashion fabrics and so on. Our main business partners are international famous brands or some brands of China. All our products are made of top-grade raw yarns and environment-friendly dyes in leading technologies and apparatus, and are manufactured and sold under the supervision of strict quality management system. Moreover, we can also offer you all kinds of market-oriented functional fabrics such as super-soft, precise brushing, wicking & breathable, antibacterial and Anti-UV, etc. In accordance with standards of EU and USA, our products (under the efforts of advanced technicians and professional sales team) now are well sold in over 20 countries and regions, including Southeast Asia, Russia, South America, Africa and The Middle East. Customers are highly satisfied with our products.

                        Message from the Chairman 

                        Strengthening the sense of competition, and creating a team spirit; based on the market by honest business, getting innovative and leaping development; establishing high-quality brand, casting first-class image; working with Lefei textile, making a beautiful future.

                        You are welcome to visit Lefei, and Lefei looks forward to cooperating with you!

                        Core culture 

                        • Beyond Customer Satisfation

                          By domestic and foreign customers praise

                        • Quality First

                          With the company's superior resources, technology as a platform

                        • Long-Term Business

                          Products are exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, Europe and the United States, Africa, the Middle East more than 20 countries and regions

                        • Emplyoee Friendly

                          Advanced technical staff, professional sales team

                        Development History 


                        Control Union Certificate


                        Global Recycled Standard Certificate of Complliance


                        "Green & Environmental Protection" Enterprise


                        "TOP 10" Exporting Company -KeQiao Enterpise Organization


                        H&M "Silver Supplyer"


                        Excellent Enterpise Leader Award


                        "TOP 20" Exporting Company -KeQiao Enterpise Organization


                        "Chaozhou Commercial Union"


                        Chinese Fabric Constrction Union Enterpise Organization


                        "Public Welfare Activities" Award -KeQiao Enterpise Organization


                        Established Inspection & Packing & Testing Center


                        Established LeFei Textile and Trading Company Co., Ltd.



                        6th Floor, Caizhi International Building, No. 1577, Xingyue Road, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province (opposite to the Administration Center)

                        Mr. Chen / +86-18857555199

                        Copyright(C)2017, ZheJiang LeFei Textile Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Copyright Notice Backstage
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